5 Steps for Home Sellers:

Staging Matters

Presentation Matters

Consider a fine meal. Diners are looking for an amazing culinary experience! And many people will pay high prices for an evening out that is top notch. Not only does the quality of the food matter, but also the display, the attention to detail, the ambiance and the emotional impact matter. The finest dining experiences are about incredible presentation.

Staging of real estate is much like creating that fine dining experience. When a home is staged well, the buyer perceives more value. Perfectly arranged furniture, soothing color palettes, and fresh smells all lend to the artistry of presenting your home. Hiring a professional stager can help you understand the changes you may want to make to best present your home.

As a seller intending to maximize the financial return on your home’s sale, it is important to know that staging can have a big impact on your home’s sales price. It can also shorten your market time. Presentation matters!

What is Your Home's Value?

Selling is both an Art and a Science. Your real estate agent will help you determine how much your house could sell for, what changes can be made in order to maximize the sales price, and how to best market your house. 

Our agents are skilled and creative negotiators who love creating win-win solutions for both parties. We’ve got what it takes to transport you swiftly and comfortably from pre-market anticipation to post-sale elation.

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