November 2018

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Chances are, you got into real estate for more than just the money. Maybe it’s the joy of seeing a family start a new chapter, or the new people you meet every week. Or maybe it’s helping people who thought a home purchase wasn’t possible achieve their dreams of owning a home. No matter what it is, chances are you’re driven by a mission.

 In order to stand out as a realtor, it’s important that you let that mission shine through and inspire others. That means “walking the walk” and getting involved in your community. Not only will giving back to your community provide you inspiration to keep going, but it tells potential clients that you’re motivated by more than just taking their money.  You’ll create a public persona that sets you apart from the

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A lot of people think the best time to buy a house is during the Spring market. And, it is... the sense that more houses are listed for sale in the Spring. But, there's also a heck of a lot more buyers trying to buy those listings. The thing is, some of the houses listed back in the Spring don't end up selling. (Usually just because they were overpriced.) Now, it isn't like new listings don't happen in the Fall. There are always new listings coming on the market. But it's not like, just because it's Fall and not Spring, prices are necessarily going to fall. In other words, new listings aren't likely to list for a lot lower than you would have seen in the Spring.

However, the homeowners who did list back in the Spring, are much more likely to

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