March 2018

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So you’ve been considering a career change, and your buddy down the street just got his first real estate commission check. The smile on his face makes the industry look rather tempting, but you’re just not sure real estate is for you otherwise. In fact, you don’t know enough about it to decide yet. Real estate can be a fulfilling career with endless possibilities for some, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you possess all or most of these traits, it may be worth diving into!

Self-Motivated. One of the intrigues to real estate is that as a real estate agent, you get to be your own boss. Yes, this creates a sense of freedom in many ways...your pay, clientele, and workload are all determined by you. Along with this freedom comes some new kinds

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The future is now! 2017 interior design trends are forecasted to be focused on an artistic blend of the past, present and future. From futuristic devices to hand-crafted wood furniture, it is going to prove to be an eclectic and stylish year for home design.  Sound overwhelming? Here are a few staples to help you keep your home ahead of the times.

The Past

Mixed-Texture Interior: If you’ve been waiting for grandma’s velour couch to come back in style, the wait is over! In fact, go ahead and keep the pillows from your current couch and see how you like it. 2017 is the year to get bold with mixing textures

Artisan Crafted Furniture: Last year DIY reigned and Pinterest was a home decor source for the masses. While many still enjoy

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