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Patio season is in full effect, but not for long! Soon, Fall will be upon us and you’ll be wishing you made time for just a couple more patio happy hours with your friends or hosted one more meeting in a nice outdoor setting to kill 2 birds with one stone. Or perhaps you get plenty of patio time, it just happens to be in the same spot and you’re ready for a new view.  Save your future self some regret by trying out one or all of Denver’s best patio spots, whether they’re a popular go-to or a hidden treasure. What makes them the best, you ask? The perfect combination of a unique and relaxing environment, a fresh setting, and a killer happy hour. Grab your pens and notepads and prepare to plan, because you have some patio hopping to do! 


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Did spring cleaning not bring the fresh feeling to your home that you hoped for? It may be time to change up some of your interior design. Now that 2019 is nearly halfway over, it’s the perfect time to redecorate while staying ahead of the trends. That’s why we’ve prepared you a 2020 interior design cheat sheet with the top 3 design trends predicted by professionals from around the world. We’ve even made it easy to get started by including Denver stores to get your supplies from. Not only does it make for some fun shopping trips, but you can rest assured knowing your money went to supporting local businesses!



Trend 1: Neo Mint Paint

Pastel colors are for more than just the nursery these days. When used tastefully, they can

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Since its founding in 2014, Steps Real Estate has become a Colorado institution. Now the award-winning company will take its insightful, responsive approach nationwide as a member of cloud-based eXp Realty.

It’s something of a surprising move for a company that built its reputation on personalized service and community engagement. Steps is a fixture in the Boulder, Denver, Lakewood, and Longmont neighborhoods where it maintains offices. Last Thanksgiving, for example, Steps donated more than half a ton of food, clothing, and merchandise to local nonprofits who help those in need.

Just as importantly, Steps has grown into a realty powerhouse by investing in its own agents. The company’s comprehensive in-house training program lets it hire

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Chances are, you got into real estate for more than just the money. Maybe it’s the joy of seeing a family start a new chapter, or the new people you meet every week. Or maybe it’s helping people who thought a home purchase wasn’t possible achieve their dreams of owning a home. No matter what it is, chances are you’re driven by a mission.

 In order to stand out as a realtor, it’s important that you let that mission shine through and inspire others. That means “walking the walk” and getting involved in your community. Not only will giving back to your community provide you inspiration to keep going, but it tells potential clients that you’re motivated by more than just taking their money.  You’ll create a public persona that sets you apart from the

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So you’ve been considering a career change, and your buddy down the street just got his first real estate commission check. The smile on his face makes the industry look rather tempting, but you’re just not sure real estate is for you otherwise. In fact, you don’t know enough about it to decide yet. Real estate can be a fulfilling career with endless possibilities for some, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you possess all or most of these traits, it may be worth diving into!

Self-Motivated. One of the intrigues to real estate is that as a real estate agent, you get to be your own boss. Yes, this creates a sense of freedom in many ways...your pay, clientele, and workload are all determined by you. Along with this freedom comes some new kinds

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The future is now! 2017 interior design trends are forecasted to be focused on an artistic blend of the past, present and future. From futuristic devices to hand-crafted wood furniture, it is going to prove to be an eclectic and stylish year for home design.  Sound overwhelming? Here are a few staples to help you keep your home ahead of the times.

The Past

Mixed-Texture Interior: If you’ve been waiting for grandma’s velour couch to come back in style, the wait is over! In fact, go ahead and keep the pillows from your current couch and see how you like it. 2017 is the year to get bold with mixing textures

Artisan Crafted Furniture: Last year DIY reigned and Pinterest was a home decor source for the masses. While many still enjoy

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