The Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful Realtor

The Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful Realtor

So you’ve been considering a career change, and your buddy down the street just got his first real estate commission check. The smile on his face makes the industry look rather tempting, but you’re just not sure real estate is for you otherwise. In fact, you don’t know enough about it to decide yet. Real estate can be a fulfilling career with endless possibilities for some, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you possess all or most of these traits, it may be worth diving into!

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7 Ways to Tastefully Incorporate the Past, Present and Future in Home Design

7 Ways to Tastefully Incorporate the Past, Present and Future in Home Design

The future is now! 2017 interior design trends are forecasted to be focused on an artistic blend of the past, present and future. From futuristic devices to hand-crafted wood furniture, it is going to prove to be an eclectic and stylish year for home design.  Sound overwhelming? Here are a few staples to help you keep your home ahead of the times.


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The Top 5 Considerations to Make Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful! With the proper preparation and considerations, you can go forward feeling confident you are getting the most out of selling. Avoid any regrets in selling your home by considering these 5 factors before beginning the process:

  1. Equity Potential: The equity of your home is the portion you own after deducting the interest your lender holds. The best way to determine your home equity is with one of the many online tools, such as this Home Equity Calculator from US Bank, along with the the guidance of your real estate agent, who will run a CMA (Comparative Marketing Analysis) to compare similar properties in your area.

  2. Season: During the Winter holidays, buying a new home is the last thing on many people’s minds. While preparing to sell your home, be sure to schedule putting it on the market during high purchase times, ideally in late May and early June.

  3. Property Debt: Double check to be sure all debts on the property are settled. These include mortgage payments, equity lines of credit, construction liens, and utilities.

  4. Insurance: Selling your home will increase foot-traffic, so it is best to secure your home and property with insurance before hosting open houses and closing.

  5. Your Schedule: While hiring a realtor will immensely cut your time expenses during selling a house, you will still be needed for the executive decisions. It’s important to budget a bit of time each week to ensure your home will get you the best value possible.

Selling Simplified: The 6 Best Tools for Selling a Home

Are you selling your home, and find yourself wasting too much time researching the answers to every question along the way to no avail? A few quick clicks can change that for you. From appraisal to closing, these tools have you covered.



  Estimating the Value of Your Home





Registration is free, and ForSaleByOwner checks important details like real estate trends and competition pricing in your area before making estimates.



Determining the Cost of a Realtor


Realtor Commisions Calculator


A realtor’s commission can vary based on various factors. In order to be sure you’re paying a fair amount, enter your specific information into the calendar. This is much more reliable and timesaving than the typical Google hunt.



 Preparing the Home for Sale


Sometimes, this can feel like the most tedious part of selling your home. Say good-bye to that home health headache with these apps:

Staging: Houzz Interior Design is more than interior design ideas...they have you covered on remodeling and building as well. You can even shop for items right off the app!

Repairs: iHandy Carpenter is 5 essential carepentry tools in one! Save time and money while tackling home repairs and renovations.

Yard: iScape allows you to imagine landscaping and yard enhancement by adding designs to your custom photos! Great for visual learners.


 Track Your Closing

TYS is the ultimate app to stay organized during the home selling process. Not only does it tell you what you need, but it allows you to save necessary documents for any time. TYC also gives real-time updates on the status of the transaction so you know when documents are due and what to prepare next.